Sunday, July 11, 2010

A glimpse of Helena

Last week, we went to the Hoover Library with Elissa and her girls! (Well, we were late of course, and didn't get to sit with her.) However, the performance did not quite keep the attention of my 3 active boys. So we had to leave a bit early. Luckily they joined us for lunch at the Helena Depot. We had a great time! While we were eating a train went by. So of course, we all jumped up and ran outside to watch it. This is a really big deal to my boys!!

After we ate, we decided to go down to the waterfall to play. The kids got to get in the water and do some exploring! Parker ran right in with the girls...

Conner was a bit timid and did not like that idea so he just watched along with Carson!

I did not dress for the occasion so we had to leave after just a little bit. I sure hope the Osborne girls enjoyed their Helena visit!

4th of July

The boys and I are really enjoying summer! We went to North Alabama for the 4th of July!! It was great!

Playing ball with dad and Grandad...

Swimming at Nana and Papa's pool (Parker had so much fun with my Mommall. He calls her Red b/c she always wears a red bathing suit.)...


Chasing fireflies (yes, with a bat! I am totally against this but apparently that is what boys do!)...

Playing with cousins...

Playing at G'Mama's church...

Playing in Grandad's boat...

More swimming at Nana and Papa's pool...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

3 boys 3 and under

Having 3 boys ages 3 and under can be quite challenging yet so amazing. Here is a list of challenges and joys of raising 3 boys 3 and under ...

* Different needs at different times:
Example- I am changing Carson's dirty diaper and Conner is jumping up and down, "I gotta go poo-poo, I gotta go poo-poo." I mean what do you do???
* Going out in public... So many people ask me how I grocery shop. I just laugh... Craig grocery shops or I go when he gets off work.
* Going out in public (part 2) Fast food restaurants- nope! That is why they made drive-thrus! I once attempted to take all 3 to the zoo. (I managed just fine, however, I won't be doing it again anytime soon!)
* Getting up so early! My boys love to wake up early. I do not love to wake up early!
* The noise level!! It is very loud 95% of the time at my house. They are all boy and they are loud!

* Watching 3 boys grow and learn everyday
* The friendship they already have with each other- They are all so close and I could not imagine their life without their brothers in it.
* The compassion they have for one another.
* It is amazing to see how different they are!
* Kissing their sweet faces every night and praying I make a difference in their lives!

Raising 3 boys ages 3 and under can be tough but I would not trade it for anything in the world. They have changed my life in such an amazing way.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"I Love You Lots of Some"

There is something about summertime. Parker's skin gets darker, his hair gets blonder, and maybe it is just me but I would swear his eyes are bluer.
My life was changed almost four years ago, when I had my Parker P. He was an unexpected miracle. My first few months were hard to adjust to motherhood. He actually did not call me "Momma" until he was almost 2! We went on a trip to Texas to visit my sister and her family. That was the pivotal moment in our relationship. We finally bonded as mother and son. We have been so close every since. There is no doubt that God gave me this child to love in a special unconditional way. The love a mom experiences is like no other. He was riding his "bus" the other day and looked back at me and smiled. The way he looked at me made my heart smile. It was almost like he was telling me how happy he was through that big smile. Parker is such a "quirky" kid. He came up with the phrase, "I want lots of some." I love this phrase and the thinking behind it! In our house we now say, "I love you lots of some." Parker will start Pre-K this fall. What a bitter-sweet feeling it is! I can not wait to see my lil' man grow up but at the same time I wish he would stay this size forever! Conner and Carson are so blessed to have such a great big brother. And Craig and I are so blessed to have such a unique amazing little boy! I love being a mom!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

"They Say It's Your Birthday"

We had a very busy day! Two birthday parties were on the agenda and I doubted whether we would be able to pull off both. We did and had a blast! Our first party was Micah's at the zoo! My boys always love the zoo :)

We went home and took a nice long nap! Woke up and went to Big Ella's Pool Party! The boys were so glad to see her. Big Ella used to go to Heidi's with the boys and they miss her so much. They loved playing with her and Lil' Ella!