Sunday, July 11, 2010

A glimpse of Helena

Last week, we went to the Hoover Library with Elissa and her girls! (Well, we were late of course, and didn't get to sit with her.) However, the performance did not quite keep the attention of my 3 active boys. So we had to leave a bit early. Luckily they joined us for lunch at the Helena Depot. We had a great time! While we were eating a train went by. So of course, we all jumped up and ran outside to watch it. This is a really big deal to my boys!!

After we ate, we decided to go down to the waterfall to play. The kids got to get in the water and do some exploring! Parker ran right in with the girls...

Conner was a bit timid and did not like that idea so he just watched along with Carson!

I did not dress for the occasion so we had to leave after just a little bit. I sure hope the Osborne girls enjoyed their Helena visit!

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